we'll work together to bring all of the practical assets you need to take your brand to the next level. whatever you make with them, your brand will shine.

let's build your brand

branding workflow

initial consult

first, we get on the same page on your project and make sure we’ll be a good fit

onboarding questionnaire

consider this your homework! A straightforward questionnaire defines what you’ve got, what you need, and the overall strategy. we’ll review this together to talk about next steps.

design & iteration

creating a brand is a collaboration between designer and owner; we'll be working together over the course of four weeks to dial in exactly how the brand will be represented in color, type, and feel.

all part of the package


  • moodboard
  • curated color palette
  • typography selection
  • brand usage guidelines
  • logo design
  • submark & favicon design


  • a sit-down discussion of what you need from your brand, where it will be used, and what the look and feel should be.

brass tacks


  • this package starts at $2,000. any additional cost could come from revisions or licensing fees, but we'll cover any of these well in advance.


  • a brand development project will usually take around four weeks.

by working together from the ground up, we can take a holistic approach to building a brand that clearly communicates your message, and builds an experience for your clients.

when every element is defined and in alignment, you'll be able to use these tools to build out anything else you may need.

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