whether you're making a portfolio, an ecommerce site, or just a landing page, your site will be built for you from the ground up.

let's make a website

website workflow

initial consult

first, we get on the same page on your project and make sure we’ll be a good fit.

onboarding questionnaires

consider this your homework! a straightforward questionnaire defines what you’ve got, what you need, and the overall strategy. we’ll review this together to talk about next steps.

sitemap & wireframing

when building a house, you start with the foundation. i’ll create a wireframe of the site: what pages we’ll need and what functions they serve to use as a rough mockup.

design & implementation

with the core elements in place, we can define the look and feel, collaboratively in Figma. once everything looks good, i’ll build out your website.

review, handoff, and training

once complete, we’ll do a review and work in your feedback and edits. after handoff, we’ll have a one hour training session to walk you through your new site.


once you have a few weeks of running the site under your belt, we can touch base again to make sure everything feels great.

all part of the package


  • comprehensive sitemap
  • collaborative design in figma
  • fully responsive layout


  • squarespace, webflow, or completely custom depending on your project requirements
  • cross-browser compatibility baked in
  • mobile-first responsive development
  • SEO from the ground up
  • integrations with social media, google analytics, and anything else you need to add


  • a sit-down discussion of what your website needs to do for you, and a roadmap of how it can be achieved
  • collaborative planning with a real-time home-base in notion


  • each site comes with a 60-minute training session, and remote support after hand-off
  • future support and maintenance is available as you need it

brass tacks


  • most straightforward websites land in the $2-5k range. after we talk about your project needs, you will get a comprehensive, itemized quote that we can discuss.
  • a reasonable number of revisions and edits are built into the cost, and pivots will prompt a new quote to review.


  • a ballpark for most sites is about 4-6 weeks. this accounts for revisions, time to review edits, design & development time, and a bit of X factor.
  • a timeline estimate will be created for your specific project along with a quote.

building a website is more than just layouts and buttons. taking a thoughtful and forward-thinking approach to begin with can save an awful lot of headaches down the road.

my goal is to (almost) never hear from you once the handoff is complete - i want you to have all tools and skills you need to thrive without me.

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